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Link dump

Links to mostly relevant things from a blog about mostly relevant things.

The creature from jekyll island; a second look at the fed reserve, full audiobook
How the american dream was viciously murdered by crooked, satanic people.

Jesse Ventura's "Conspiracy theory": The HAARP episode (full)

What is HAARP? What is it used for? The documentary (hour+)

Phil Schneider: He died for truth. Full documentary.

The super rich don't care about you and want you to die so they can have the world all to themselves; the full story
Fiat empire: the evil empire of the federal reserve [hour+]         

Cultural marxism: what it is, why its bad, full documentary [hour+]
Lord Paul absolutely STOMPS the despicable, evil, selfish, and very Ben Shalom Bernanke

Emperor Jimmius Carterius speaks; Palestine, Peace not apartheid, excerpt from an interview

Absolutely definite proof that the immigrants want to kill you and take over your country
84 year old white native british woman terrorized relentlessly until she moves out of her childhood home

The last public speech of the esteemed Lord Sir William Pierce, addresser of issues in ordinary to the houses, upper and lower, of Europa

Former FBI Agent Ted Gunderson Speaks Against CIA and Satanism (hour long)

US GVT Kidnaps Jonny Goesch

The NDAA Legalizes The Use Of Propaganda On The US Public

I was a Facebook sock puppet for the CIA

NSA Whistleblower Details How The NSA Has Spied On US Citizens Since 9/11

Darren Brown Hypnotizes Man To Fire Gun At Celebrity, In Public
USS liberty incident isn't a conspiracy theory. It fucking happened and people died because Israeli military forces attacked a ship they knew was an american ship and that they knew had very little in the way of armament.

Source: Documentary footage and testimony of the people who were there

Full video.

Another version of the same documentary, full documentary

The lavon affair, operation susanah, was not a conspiracy theory, nor is it the operation of a "boogey man". It happened and it was a deliberate attempt to draw the US and egypt into a war.

Israel is a rogue terrorist state.

Part 1 of several, covering the evidence thoroughly in general in regards to israels history of repeated terrorism against friend and foe alike.
Obama cheerleaders can't even deny the truth:

BBC Horizon Assault on the Male (1993)

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Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Political Comics

Hey guys, I'm looking for some political comics (preferably online or downloadable.)  If you know any, leave me a comment with the relevant information.