Friday, September 10, 2010

Westboro Baptist Church to burn the Koran on September 11th

I'm sure you've all already heard about pastor Terry Jones and his planned "Burn a Koran day" (scheduled for TOMORROW in remembrance of September 11th.)

It hasn't been confirmed whether Terry Jones pussied out.  There are some reports that he is resuming the burning.  

Well it now seems the other crazy Christfags are getting in on the action.  That's right, the Westboro Baptist Church (the "god hates fags" guys) are planning their own Koran burning event on the same day.  Where's your god now, Terry?

But not only is the WBC going to burn the Koran tomorrow, that wouldn't be good enough, they're also going to burn the American flag

Not only is the WBC upstaging their fellow Christians, they're also upstaging the very same Muslims they wish to enrage, because we all know how Muslims love to burn flags.

Don't bother burning the flag, Muslims.  The WBC already beat you to the punch.  U mad Muslims?  Looks like you're gonna have to troll a little harder next time.  You're shenanigans just don't cut it anymore (they never did to begin with.)

My take on all this is simple:
If you support the Koran burning for some kind of political reason or religious reason then you're an idiot.  I support the Koran burning but ONLY for the lulz.  I think pissing off religious nutjobs into a furor is one the funniest things one can do.  Especially Muslims, because they are the easiest religion to troll.  They get butthurt over anything.  Draw a shitty little cartoon and all of a sudden they're burning down the embassy of your country and threatening to kill you.  Pretty cool.  Priteh, priteh, priteh, priteh cool.  

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