Wednesday, October 27, 2010

RIP Limewire 2000 - 2010

Oh shi-, looks like the music industry is finally starting to show its teeth.  Too bad they're 10 years too late roflroflroflrofl.  Personally, I was surprised people still used limewire.  I used it for a little bit many years ago.  I remember it gave my computer spyware and the audio files were low quality.  I couldn't care less about limewire.
But seriously, is this really the best the music industry could do?  Even with all their money and lawyers?  They knocked out a minuscule P2P client, of which there are many more:  ares, bearshare, frostwire, and kaaza (just to name a few.)  This will not deter people from pirating files.  The pirates using limewire will just have to spend 5 minutes searching and downloading a new p2p client and then the pirating will resume.

This is just proof that the music industry is completely out of touch with technology and its role in society.  Or are they just retarded?

Have they not hear of TORRENTS by now?  Lawds. 

Btw, when I'm not torrenting, this is my P2P of choice:

It's nothing like limewire, bearshare, kazaa, or whatever else ... it's very music oriented, there are a bunch of chatrooms dedicated to every genre of music you can think of and it's the best place to find rare music fast (in my experience, anyway.)

PS.  I had completely forgotten about limewire, bearshare, and kazaa until today.  I felt a rush of nostalgia.  Maybe the "four-year legal battle" wasn't such a waste of time, after all.

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  1. haha, yeah! I totez had a rush of nostalgia, too. honestly though...the "music industry" is, like you said in that one post, a corporate industry full of fat catz. fat flapz.

  2. really now, I didn't even know people still used Limewire? SLSK FTW.

  3. I wasn't aware that people were still using limewire.

  4. RIP software that gave you awful mal ware, gay porn and general shit with slow speeds! "you will be missed, *Cough*)

  5. RIP

    Haven't used that shit since 2002.

  6. we all stopped using Limewire years ago... torrent FTW

  7. I'm also surprised that Limewire still exists. :P