Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Robotic heart

Long story short:   A boy needed a heart transplant, but he was ineligible.  The doctor one-upped nature and gave him a robotic one instead.  Nature loses.
Dr Amodeo used a 90 gram fully-robotic heart that took 10 hours to fit inside the boy’s left ventricle. It is a permanent solution offering as much as 25 years of life and is powered by a battery worn as a belt and connected to behind his left ear.
This one step closer towards a totally artificial human.  A human that was born natural but over time became more and more artificial by implants and the like.  If this is what we can do now, just think of what we'll be able to do in 50 years.  Are we really getting to the point where we'll be able to live for hundreds of years with the aid of technology?

What do you think?


  1. What if bullies unplug his belt?

    While this is cool, I wouldn't want my life to be strapped around my waist.

  2. I welcome our cyborg overlords.

  3. TECHNOLOGY!!! :D Ahh the Age of Miracles is upon us!

  4. i wanna be bionic how cool would that be, can't wait.

  5. One step closer to Captain Picard's heart.

  6. Jesus. That's creepy but amazing at the same time.