Saturday, November 6, 2010

Omegle is fun

You: hi
Stranger: hi
You: Asl
Stranger: 20 m
Stranger: n u?
You: 13 f
Stranger: from?
You: usa
Stranger: nice
Stranger: ur name?
You: Britney
Stranger: do u hv on yahoo
You: no u?
Stranger: yes
You: Im 13, but people say I look older because my breasts are so large for my age.
Stranger: really
You: yeah
Stranger: i wanna saw ur pic
You: hmm okay
You: hold on
Stranger: k
You: what state do you live in ?
Stranger: i m fron aus
Stranger: from australia
Stranger: ur pic
You: getting it
Stranger: no
Stranger: send me
You: my comps being slow
Stranger: kk
Stranger: my email id is
Stranger: send it there
You: ok i will
Stranger: so hw's ur study
You: Do you know Chris Hansen?
Stranger: no
Stranger: who is he
You: Look him up on youtube. He's my dad.
Stranger: oh really
You: Yeah
Stranger: i'll watch then
You: What do you think?
Stranger: abt what?
You: about Chris Hansen
Stranger: nothing
Stranger: wat happened?
You: Nothing happened, yet.
Stranger: kk
Stranger: why he is on you tube
You: Because he is famous.
Stranger: in which field?
You: Television and law enforcement
Stranger: gr8
You: Anti-Pedo Bear
You: ya kno
Stranger: kk
Stranger: do u have any boy frnd?
You: No
Stranger: kk
Stranger: why?
You: Cuz I haven't found the right person
Stranger: kk
Stranger: nice
Stranger: so u r a gd girl
You: completely
Stranger: kk
Stranger: nd wat's the qualities
Stranger: of a right person
You: Honest, Smart, Big Horse Cock
Stranger: ha ha
Stranger: r u virgin
You: Yeah
Stranger: kk
You: wbu
Stranger: so how u
Stranger: measure of cock
Stranger: lenght
Stranger: when u r virgin
You: with a ruler
Stranger: ha ha
Stranger: u r so funny
You: cool
Stranger: did u send ur pic
You: yeah but my comps being slow
Stranger: kk
You: it might take awhile
Stranger: so what's cure
Stranger: of ur computer
You: ?
Stranger: nothin
Stranger: so u r in which grade
You: 7th
Stranger: ohk
Stranger: i like usa
Stranger: nd wants to live there
Stranger: u r lucky
Stranger: dat born in usa
You: I live in Cali
Stranger: where?
You: California
Stranger: in usa
You: ya
Stranger: kk
Stranger: is it a gr8 city
You: California is a state. I live in San Diego
Stranger: kk
You: So anyway
You: My dad, Chris Hansen wants to meet you in person.
You: Why don't you have a seat over there.
Stranger: kk
Stranger: where?
You: ?_?
Stranger: so i think we r just good friends
Stranger: did u feel
Stranger: that
You: no we are more than that
Stranger: what
Stranger: we r?
You: yes
You: i sent you nude pics
Stranger: really
Stranger: but why
You: cuz
Stranger: i want u in dress
Stranger: my little princess
You: i have those too
Stranger: so wud l like to frndship with me?
Stranger: would u
You: frends with benefits? sure.
Stranger: ya
You: ya
You: I'm 13
You: Is that okay?
Stranger: okay
You: good good
Stranger: how many friends do u hv on net
You: over 9000
Stranger: really
Stranger: !
You: for really
Stranger: nd how many hv in real
You: I told you. Me and my dad, Chris Hansen, are famous.
Stranger: kk
Stranger: do u hv on you tube
You: ya
Stranger: with which name?
You: LoliPatrol08
Stranger: hey i can't received ur pic
You: I sent them
Stranger: kk
Stranger: try to send again
You: ok i am
You: lots of nude pics of my naked 13 year old body. hope that's not a problem *wink wink*
Stranger: no problem
You: It's A-Okay!
Stranger: ya
You: Listen. I gotta run.
You: But I'll send the pics.
Stranger: kkk
You: And Chris Hansen is waiting for you.
Stranger: kk
Stranger: i m also
You: Chris Hansen will be pleased.

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  1. hahaha im so many times using omegle but i never find some idiots like those ;'D lol

  2. That conversation you had worries me :D

  3. I've had some great conversations on omegle. Love the post mate!

  4. some fucked up people in the world !

  5. So many creepy people walking around these days, you really don't wanna know what some people do in their spare time.

  6. Kewl story, bra! waiting for updates from you

  7. wow, that gives me something to think about

  8. ppl on that site are weirdos lol

  9. i dont like omegle and this hole stuff :/

  10. she measures it with a ruler ahahahahah