Thursday, January 20, 2011

On religion and morality (continued)

 If this post is too long, skip to the conclusion.  You should know this by now.

Animals do show that they adhere to a moral code of sorts and animals can form hierarchical societies as well.  Yet these very same creatures are said to be soulless according to the Abrahamic religions.
If god gave humans the gift of morality and knowledge and made us with special interest, then why do all of the other “lesser” animals partake in actions that are supposedly limited humans, just in a more elementary form?
Chimpanzees can not only learn sign language, they can also create new words based off the words that they have learned.  This demonstrates that chimpanzees are intelligent enough to do thinking past simple memorization.
The very term ‘pecking order’ as a synonym for hierarchy is derived from the system of social organization observed in poultry.
Just google anything along the lines of “animal morality” and read what you find.  That way I won’t have to make you read more than you already have.

God’s law vs man’s law:

Even if we knew that the moral teachings of the Abrahamic religions were from god, does that mean we should follow them?  Yes, god created us and we are supposed to worship him and do everything he commands us to do, but are the moral guidelines, created in his infinite wisdom, really the best moral guidelines to follow?
Here is a short list of the rules and regulations of the Abrahamic faiths, in all their glory and wisdom:
1.  genital mutilation (encouraged and considered a rite in Islam and Judaism.)
2.  slavery (the bible condones it, the quran is neutral to it, and many of the major prophets were slave owners.)
3.  pedophilia (muhammad fucked a 9 year old.  child marriages happen most often in muslim countries.)
4.  adultery (adulterers are to be killed.  killing adulterers by stoning is common in muslim countries.)
5.  rape (rape goes mainly unreported in muslim countries, as a woman needs four male witnesses to convict a man of rape.  the punishment for rape in the bible is for the rapist to marry his victim, but only if the girl is not engaged. LOL)
6.  dishonoring parents (death.)
7.  worshiping the wrong god(s) (burn in hell for eternity.)
Now let’s contrast these issues with the modern secular response to them:
1.  genital mutilation (condemned by most.  only practiced for non-religious reasons in the United States.)
2.  slavery (condemned and illegal in countries that aren’t shit holes.)
3.  pedophilia (condemned.  pedophiles are imprisoned and they are closely monitored once they get out of prison.)
4.  adultery (neutral if outside of marriage.  within marriage adultery is grounds for divorce which can end up being a huge punishment to the adulterer.)
5.  rape (condemned.)
6.  dishonoring parents (neutral.  the punishment of disobedient children is dependent on the parents.)
7.  worshiping the wrong god(s) (no punishment.  people are free to believe whatever they want.)
So there you have it.  God’s law vs man’s law.  Which do you prefer?  Are the rules and regulations of god really the best for society to follow, or are the moral guidelines created by humans a far better alternative than the ones created by the all-knowing all-wise god of the Abrahamic faiths?  And is it right to follow god’s teachings, for the sole purpose of being obedient little sheep that get a reward in the end?


1.  Morality is subjective.
2.  Morality can be explained scientifically and there does not need to be god to explain it.
3.  Morality is not unique to humans.
4.  Every individual has a different moral code.
5.  Values which nearly all humans believe to be right do have exceptions.
6.  Even if the moral teachings laid out in the texts of the Abrahamic religions were from god, they would still be inferior to modern, man-made morality.

Let me know what you think.  Debate is encouraged.

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