Wednesday, March 30, 2011


 This should read:  America stands for corporate control, not freedom.

Don't mess with my health care, I enjoy being raped.

Fight socialism and end funding for programs that benefit people's lives, because the government shouldn't protect its citizens. 

No comments needed.

Here's the thing that these conservatards are forgetting:  Obama's health care reform bill wouldn't get rid of private insurers, it would just add the option of public health insurance.  Meaning that you still have the right to choose whichever insurance plan you want.  Public health insurance would mostly be used by people who can't afford health insurance.

In Canada, they have both public and private health insurance.  The public insurance covers all of the basic things.  The private insurance covers the things that public insurance doesn't.  And because private insurers don't have to cover all the big ticket items that are a high liability for the insurance companies, the policies are relatively inexpensive.

Secondly, why is it that conservatards get up in arms and protest the idea of the government spending tax money to help people, but fully support the idea of having tax money spent on wars?

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