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Want to know who controls America?

It is all explained here:

Some reviews:

As a former leftist Hollywood Jew (I wrote TV shows), I can say from personal experience that Prof. MacDonald is 100% correct in this book. The shows I worked on: Mary Tyler Moore Show, That Girl, & Love American Style, among others, were nothing more than Jewish tools (for the most part) to undermine the innocence of American WASP culture, ("Cultural Marxism" as Prof. MacDonald calls it).
I became disturbed with the studio editorial "rule" that children should be portrayed as sassy and disrespectful towards their parents. A few times I presented a script to my editor (also a Jewish guy) in which I had the child character behaving politely and respectfully towards his parents. The editor changed the lines to make the child bratty/sassy and then told me "... that's the way it should be done from now on, unless I tell you otherwise". That's when I started to see that something else was going on besides just making TV shows. I could see the changes in American society resulting from all this TV propaganda. I eventually left writing and became a teacher.
Kudos to Prof. MacDonald for his meticulous research in writing this book.

Not too many books in history have the distinction of being truly revolutionary, but I think this is definitely one of them. It is like Darwin's "Origin of Species" in that it is a seminal work opening up a whole new way of viewing the world and ultimately world history. Few books I have read have been more thought-provoking or impressive in their scholarship. The 100-page preface to the paperback edition is worth the price of the book alone.

Unquestionably, this is one of the best books that I have ever read in terms of explaining real phenomena that greatly affects the lives of all Americans, and indeed the rest of the world, given that America is the great superpower. I'll list some of the strengths of the book, then suggest some minor criticisms. However, the strengths of the book are so overwhelming that the book of course deserves five stars.

This is a fascinating application of evolutionary biology and psychology to the turbulent modern history of Jews and the West. In a nutshell, it is impossible to understand the intellectual movements of the 20th century, from Freudian Psychiatry to Marxist economics to Cultural Marxism (also known as Political Correctness) without understanding the role that Jewish ethnicity played in all of them. You will now understand the driving force behind many of the 20th centuries Left wing ideologies. You will also come to understand the danger the US faces as it comes under the control of a hostile elite.

If you want a book to solve at least half the issues in history and culture that you didnt understand in one go, this is the book for you. "Do really boys hate their fathers, and is that so important"?, "can I improve my mental health having more sex?", "what was it between the Poles and the Russians"?, "Why that particular stupid actress receive so much publicity"? "Why cant I stomach the press, the American sitcoms, why I feel like killing myself after watching most Hollywood films?" "why all my favorite films are not American"? "why everybody hates Americans so much" "why Jews appear as victims when they killed at least in the Soviet Union more than 20 million people"? "why these victims have no films, no museums, nobody cares about them?" "why are we putting up with aggressive immigration that nobody really wants?" "why I see subliminal messages everywhere trying to make me interbreed with Blacks?" "why even in my local paper there is at least weekly something about Jewish holocaust, but not Armenian"? "Why the Nazis are portrayed as being demonic or something"? "why couldnt I make heads or tails of the college compulsory reading of Erich Fromm"? "why this author which is so good has no recognition or publicity in the media"?
I really wondered about these strange things for years. The mystery is gone now, assailed by the weight of truth.

Fascinating book. It omits quite a bit of material, but I give it five stars for its groundbreaking nature.
A word to Britons: this book is almost entirely USA-based. There are per head far more Jews in the USA than in England, Ireland, France, Russia and other countries. What he says may seem strange, or over-emphasised, in Europe. But it is of great importance in understanding such things as the ludicrously undemocratic immigration policy of Britain and other countries. If you're unaware of the issues, which is quite likely in view of the censorship of all media, it's as good a book as any for exploration. 

This is a scholarly work that proves to its readers just who has brought about the radical changes in American society that have caused the downward slide over at least the past several decades. There is a dominant, cohesive elite group that wishes to disunify and thus weaken all other groups, especially people of European descent, that might possibly pose a threat to its power.

This book should be required reading for all western european people. In a very unemotional and scolarly fashion it explains exactly how we arrived at the point we are finding ourselves now - a very precarious position indeed !

The other reviewers already said everything. I'll just add that this book was a major wakeup call for me in my life. If you are a dishonest person, avoid this book, you'll hate what it brings up in you. If you are an honest and objective person who just wants the truth no matter how ugly, you need to read this book more than any other if you want to find out what makes this world tick.

This book is absolutely essential reading for anyone wishing to understand a large part of the sociological and political complexities and problems America has faced in the 20th Century, is facing now and will certainly be facing in the future.

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