Thursday, September 15, 2011

saw this written on a not-to-be-named website

Regularly, throughout my life, government officials (usually dressed in casual clothes) would come and interview my family and I, making sure that my father had not divulged information he wasn't allowed to, and that he wasn't working on things he wasn't allowed to, either.

Sometimes my dad would have really big breakthroughs, and then government agents would show up, take all his research, and tell him that he was barred from continuing his research and even from remembering it or writing it down or logging it in any way.

Yes if you figure something out on your own that you're not supposed to, the government DOES come and tell you to FORGET it, and they help you forget by taking all written record you have of it.

My dad told me that it's bee postulated and argued in inner circles of the scientific community that waves of photons exhibit significant signs of intelligence.

Got a question? I can ask him, don't really care if it's your calculus homework or whatever, I'll tell him to do it.

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  1. Not to be named? Doesn't that make you part of the conspiracy?