Monday, July 2, 2012

Unprivileged privilege

Male privilege, white privilege, CIS privilege, Alltistic privilege, able-bodied privilege, heterosexual privilege, [INSERT PHYSICAL TRAIT HERE] privilege...
when did people start obsessing over all this "privilege" bullshit?  It's like I can't go a day without hearing about some new group of people who are "privileged" in some inexplicable way.  Whenever I hear someone accuse someone else of being privileged (simply because that person belongs to some group or possesses some physical characteristic that they had no control over,) all I hear is "wahhhhh I'm a fucking failure and need a scapegoat to blame for my lack of success.  NOW GIVE ME MY ENTITLEMENTS for being part of this "unprivileged" group."

Don't get me wrong.  I acknowledge that privileges DO exist.  For example, being able-bodied (not being physically handicapped) is definitely a privilege.  Everyone acknowledges this and that's why handicapped people are giving certain special treatments (special parking spots close to the store, special bathroom stalls, etc.)  Not being handicapped is definitely a privilege, but that's simply luck of the draw.  No one choose to be handicapped or not.  What should all us "able privileged" people do?  Make ourselves handicapped so that we're equal with handicapped people?  Of course not.

It's the same with the non-physical privileges, such as "hetero privilege" or "CIS privilege."  Yes, having the sexual orientation and acting within the traditional gender roles of the majority population is a privilege.  Not being gay in a society where it is looked down upon by so many IS a privilege.  But again, that's life.  When 90% of the population is a certain way, society is obviously going to be catered to that certain way, since it's the OVERWHELMING FUCKING MAJORITY.  Do these people want society to completely transfer to cater to their abnormal behavior?  Why should 90% of the population be forced to go out of their way to cater to the 10% or less?  Answer THAT all you "unprivileged" whiners.  Another example, furries... Most people are NOT furries and most people also think that being a furry is WEIRD (and for good reason.)  Are all the non-furries privileged then?  Should we say all non-furries have "anthropocentric privilege?"  That would be silly (mainly because it involves furries, but you get the point.)

What about people who are naturally good a socializing?  Do they have "social savvy privilege?"  What about people are who smarter than average?  Do they have "intellectual superiority privilege?"  What about people are good looking?  Do they have "cosmetic superiority privilege?" And if they do than WHAT should they do?  Make themselves more socially awkward, dumber, and less physically attractive to be more on par with the "unprivileged" ones?

I don't know the answer to that question.  You'd have to ask one of the people who complain about being unprivileged to get the answer, but don't assume you're going to get it.  I've asked those very same questions to these people before, but I've yet to receive a coherent answer.  Maybe you'll have more luck though.  Here's one such person you can try and ask (don't click the link if you rage easily though):

And just for laughs, I present this link.  They actually some up how I feel about this shit a lot better than I can:

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