Thursday, January 20, 2011

On Israel

(note:  if this is too long, skip to the conclusion at the bottom.  Also, watch "the doomsday code.")

Here is my opinion of Israel/Zionism/Palestine:

I can understand the Zionists and their viewpoint and I can also understand the Palestinians and their viewpoint.  They both have valid reasons as to why they support their countries.  However, the Israeli government is causing the genocide of innocent Palestine people and that cannot be excused. I also condemn the killing of innocent Israelis by groups such as Hamas.
I support a two-state solution.  I think it is the most humane solution to benefit both groups of people.
I don’t think they should kick out all the Jews and send them back to wherever their ancestors emigrated from, nor should they continue the genocide of the Palestinians.  They should try to coexist peacefully.
I can also understand why Jews want to preserve their people from extinction and have a homeland, considering they are such a small segment of the world’s population.


Historically, it is not easy to determine who the land should rightfully belong to.  That land has been occupied by many different people and empires over the course of thousands of years.  Jews do have ties to the land, as do the Palestinians.  Heck, even Italians have ties to the land, seeing as that land was occupied by the Roman empire over 2,000 years ago.  In my opinion, it is illogical to say someone has more right to live somewhere than someone else just because their ancestor may have lived their before someone else’s ancestor.
The whereabouts of a Jewish state were in question since the beginning of Zionism.  It is a known fact that many Zionists contemplated creating a Jewish state in other parts of the world, notably America and South America.  In fact, many of the first Zionists were secular.  They couldn’t give a fuck about the “holy” land.


Colonization happens, sorry.  Humans have been doing it since, like, forever.  I would be a hypocrite if I said that the Jews have no right to live there, as their ancestors were immigrants, because as an American, my ancestors were immigrants too.  It would not be feasible to send all the non-Native Americans back to their ancestral lands.
If the Native Americans started to attack non-Native Americans and tried to expel all non-Native Americans from America, I would fight against them.  This is why I can see the Zionist/Jewish viewpoint.

American-Israeli relations:

I am opposed to America’s unrepentant support of Israel and I am leery of pro-Israeli lobbies, because of the power and influence they wield.  Most politicians are on the payroll of some pro-Israeli lobby.  They are tools.
America should NOT be giving Israel billions of dollars in aid annually.  This is a violation of tax payer’s rights, and the American people should not support it.  I saw a picture that said “Real Americans defend Israel.”  This couldn’t be further from the truth.  Real Americans should defend America, not a foreign country.  The billions of dollars in aid we give Israel should instead be used for the benefit of America and Americans.
It should be a MAJOR concern to all Americans that a foreign country, Israel, has so much influence on America.  I just cannot understand these neocons who claim to be patriotic Americans, yet will bend over backwards for Israel.  They are fools and tools.  Foolish tools.
If the Israeli government wants to keep up its campaign of genocide against the Palestinians, Americans should have no part in it.  We should not be funding genocide.

Evangelical Christians:

One of Israel’s biggest group of supporters are the evangelical Christians.  They support Israel because they believe it is fulfilling a biblical prophecy and because Jews are, supposedly, god’s “chosen” people.  A great documentary on the subject, which I encourage everyone to watch, is:  The Doomsday Code.  You can watch the entire thing on google video.
Since I’m an atheist, you can pretty much guess what my opinion of these people is.  They are idiots (not to mention bloodthirsty and homicidal.)  They are eagerly waiting for the Armageddon.  Why do they want the apocalypse to happen so badly?  If they want to die so badly, they should just kill themselves.  Oh wait, that will send them to hell … well, I would be glad to do the honors for them and send them to heaven faster.  Life on this earth would be much better (not to mention less stupid.)
This earth was not made by god for us (humans.)  The universe was not fine tuned for our existence.  I am lucky to be alive and writing this and you are lucky to be alive and reading it.  And god did not grant any land to any group of people nor did he show favoritism to any group of people.  Period.
As a final point against evangelical christians, I would like to point out that many Palestinians are CHRISTIAN.  Both groups think they’re worshiping the same god.  Do you, evangelical christians, think Israel should kill them too?  Or just the heathen Muslims?
PS. Pat Robertson is an ass.

1.  America should NOT fund Israel, whatsoever.
2.  The Israeli government should stop its campaign of genocide against the Palestinians.
3.  Palestinian groups should also stop attacking innocent Israelis.
4.  American politicians who are in bed with pro-Israel lobbies should be hung for treason.
5.  The Israelis and Palestinians should coexist peacefully (two-state solution.)
6.  No one has more right to live somewhere because of their supposed ancestry.
7.  Colonization happens.  All major powers have done it, all humans have done it.  It sucks to be the loser, but that’s life.
8.  Evangelical Christians are idiots.

Let me know what you think.  Debate is encouraged.

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  1. Regardless of everything else, I strongly support conclusion #1. There's more important shit to be spending money on.